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Hidden Knowledge Course: Lesson Seven

Core Life Challenges

A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step  ~  Lao Tsu

One of the most powerful actions we can take individually to make a difference is to explore deep within ourselves to find the places where either consciously or unconsciously we are supporting secrecy and divisiveness and not supporting what's best for ourselves and our world.

Two incisive essays explore the major cover-ups going on from a big picture perspective, yet also invite us to look at how we are all playing a role in this. Take some time to absorb both of the thought-provoking, two-pages essays below.

Note that the second essay uses the term "the Divine." If this term bothers you in any way, consider ignoring those references, opening to your fluid intelligence, and evaluating what is written without pre-conceived judgment. This way you won't miss the powerful information about the role of hierarchical structures in our world. You might want to skip or skim the first two paragraphs. - Building a Brighter Future - Shifting Paradigms

These two essays suggest that there is work to do both out in the world and inside of ourselves. Each of us has core issues or core beliefs within us which keep us from being all that we can be. When we embrace these challenging beliefs as potent lessons waiting to be learned, we can then work with them and eventually transform them so that they fully support our intentions to make a difference both personally and globally.

The engaging four-page essay below relates the story of a courageous woman who went through incredible adversity early in life, only to later recognize her core beliefs and then choose to transform them. As she gradually came to see even her previous suffering as a blessing in disguise, the deep emotional wounds inside of her began to heal.

In her process of transformation, the author was gradually able to recognize the dark episodes of her past, and even the dark sides of herself, as potent teachers which eventually gave her deep compassion and the ability to heal herself and others. As another rich reminder of the importance of honoring the light, the shadow, and all parts of ourselves, read the below inspiring poem, Embracing All.

When we learn to dance with the light and the darkness from a place of love, miracles abound. Now for a powerful one-minute video showing what happened when certain individuals transformed major shadows in their lives, watch the inspiring video below.

Sacred Cows
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If you do what you've always done, you will get what you've always gotten.
Anthony Robbins, Inspirational Speaker

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