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Hidden Knowledge Course: Lesson Six

Money and the Banking Cover-up

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I once read an article about people who leave money around for other people to find. It sounded like fun, so I started doing it years ago. I live on Social Security, so needless to say I'm not dropping any hundred dollar bills. But, usually at the grocery store, I will leave a dollar on the shelves here and there, and quarters on the lower shelves for the kids.   ~~  Lynn Tarheel

The most common misconception people have about money is the belief that if they had more money they would be more happy. Yet this is often not the case. In the poorest villages you can sometimes find the most happy people, while some of the richest people on the planet are the least content and most tormented. It is not how much money we have that determines our happiness in life, but rather how satisfied we are with what we've got.

The pervasive message around us is that the next new thing will make us feel better. "If I only had X, I would be happy." Yet this belief almost necessarily leads to dissatisfaction. Even if we get what we want, after the initial joy wears off, we find ourselves wanting what's next. Our craving for more never ends. Yet when you look back at the end of your life at all that you had, what do you think will matter?

So much of what really makes us happy has nothing to do with what we buy. What leads to deeper joy for most people is close friendships and relationships, loving and being loved, enjoying beauty in its many forms, and our ability to do something we feel is important, so that our life is meaningful. Yet do you realize that none of these things cost money? Love, friendship, caring – these most precious things in our life are free, requiring only the time and energy we give to create them.

And now for the important question. How are you using your money? Are you committed to making a difference with your money, however much you have? If the answer is no, consider what that means and what impact it might have both personally and globally. If the answer is yes, you may very much enjoy the below two-page essay describing microcredit, one of the most powerful movements to transform the face of poverty on our planet. Yet this inspiring means of investing requires very little for you to play an important role. - Help to End Poverty

Now is the time to consider how you can move into a more meaningful relationship with money and your finances. Let us all consider where we are acting out of our fear of scarcity, and commit to opening to the deeper satisfaction that comes from generosity and doing the right thing with our money. This is some of the most powerful work we can do to make a difference in our lives and world.

At the end of this course, you will be presented with an opportunity to make a difference with your money. You will be invited to consider the value of this course and all that you have gained from it.

The course is offered free of charge because of a deep desire make it available to all, yet financial support is needed to continue improving the course and making a difference in other ways. Are you willing to transform your relationship to money and contribute, so that more might benefit?

Though money is an important matter for most of us, we don't have to be all that serious about it. To bring in a little humor, we have one last, fun piece on the value of money. Enjoy! - What Really Matters in Life?

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart.
Carlos Santana

Crop Circle: The Eye of the Pyramid

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Take Action: Suggested Activities to Make a Difference

  • Think about times in the past when you have placed money as a higher priority than other things in your life. Did this serve you in the long run? How important is money to you right now? How important would you like it to be in your life? Seriously consider how you can transform your relationship with money and place meaningful relationships as a top priority.
  • When have you chosen short-term gains that led to long-term losses. When you buy the cheapest goods, are you supporting child labor? Are you investing in stocks which largely benefit the rich while exploiting the poor? What are you supporting with your money? Make a commitment to yourself not to just look for the bargains, but rather to consider the long-term costs, the quality of goods, and how they are made when you buy them.
  • Notice places in your life where you feel a lack of abundance. Explore the causes of this. Make a commitment to address places where you feel lack in your life, and to open to the abundance that is already there within you.
  • What were the beliefs of your parents and in the culture in which you were raised around money and abundance? How have they affected you? Notice how many cultures avoid talking about how much money we make. Where are you keeping secrets about money? Consider how you might move towards openness and greater transparency.
  • When have you told yourself, "When I get enough money, I will..."? Notice how this is keeping you focused on the future. What can you do right now to work towards letting go of any preoccupation around money, enjoying more what you already have, and creating deeper, more meaningful connections in your life?

For Those Who Want More - The American Monetary Institute

An excellent website focused on the independent study of monetary history and theory for the purpose of reforming our monetary system in accordance with our values. Filled with excellent research, this website is making a big difference in bringing the need for monetary reform into public awareness. - Soul of Money Institute/Lynne Twist

This empowering website by fabulous fund raiser Lynne Twist inspires readers to transform their relationship with money. It provides a refreshing new look at money and what it can be in our lives and world. Lynne's inspiring book The Soul of Money also gives a refreshing view of how money can be a transformative force in our lives both personally and globally. - Awakening the Dreamer website

Founded by powerhouse activists Lynne Twist and her husband Bill, Awakening the Dreamer is a nonprofit, volunteer-based movement spreading around the globe to educate people on how money and greed have endangered our world, and what we can do to change our collective dream by the right use of our money and resources. Based in empowering indigenous philosophies, this transformative movement is part of the Pachamama Alliance. - Transforming the Face of Business

A highly inspiring article on how some of the newly successful entrepreneurs who have become unimaginably wealthy have decided to use significant parts of their wealth to create empowering social change and transformation in our world. - Guide to Socially Responsible Investing

Green America's Guide to Socially Responsible Investing makes socially responsible saving and investing easy. With lots of tips and resources – including a national directory of socially responsible investing services and professionals – this is an invaluable financial resource. The entire Green America website is filled with great ideas on how to work together to transform our world. - Ethical Markets website

Ethical Markets provides news and perspective on socially responsible investing and global corporate citizenship through reports, articles, newsletters and videos gathered from around the world. Their mission is to foster the evolution of capitalism beyond current models based on materialism, maximizing self-interest and profit. This message is delivered to the global market by featuring stories of success in ethical business practices.

Lesson seven will explore your core challenges in life and how they can impact the way you view the world. Thanks for spending the time, and have a good day.

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