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Other Courses to Consider

The Hidden Knowledge Course focuses largely on major cover-ups. It is one of four free, online courses offered by the nonprofit educational organization PEERS for the purpose of inspiration and transformation. Three other courses, two of which contain all of the material in the Hidden Knowledge Course and more, may be of interest to you.

Lessons in both the Insight Course and the Transformation Course alternate between the powerful, reliable cover-up information in the Hidden Knowledge Course, and material which introduces you to some of the most inspiring videos, essays, poems, and exciting global movements spreading across our planet. These two courses weave a wonderful balance of shadow and light throughout the lessons presented.

If you prefer to focus exclusively on cover-ups and the secret agendas of the global elite, the Hidden Knowledge Course is likely the best choice for you. If you'd like learn about these major cover-ups and also be inspired by amazing changes happening in our world, explore the various courses offered at the link below.

Personal Growth Courses

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