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Hidden Knowledge Course: Lesson Nine

Suppressed Energy Inventions

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Hubble Photo of Eagle Nebula

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The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness which lies not only beyond time and space, but also beneath our deepest fears.  ~  Allen L. Roland

Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and others long ago developed amazing suppressed energy inventions which could have made energy virtually free for the public. Their work was shut down by members of the power elite who did not want these inventions to threaten the huge profits of oil and other industries dependent upon energy for income. To learn about a variety of recent new energy inventions reported in the media, please read at least the first six to eight of the 20 news summaries at the link below:

If we focus on scarcity in our lives, we naturally tend to attract scarcity and the fear that accompanies it. If we instead choose to focus on the abundance that lies not only within ourselves, but in the world and universe around us, we can then manifest that abundance in our lives and world.

As we change both our inner world and the world around us from a place of joy and abundance, our clear energy and intentions can't help but create a more magnificent, abundant world not only for us, but for all around us.

Remember that all members of the power elite have a heart. Consider that even these people have a place within that wants only to love and be loved. To powerfully make a difference in this world, we invite you to find a place of respect and compassion not only with those close to you, but even more importantly with those for whom you might carry judgment or other disempowering feelings.

As ever increasing numbers of us collectively acknowledge the hearts and common humanity of the power elite, and move from a place of respect even as we stop their destructive behaviors, powerful change may be inevitable.

For a last fun, very short video clip showing tremendous amounts of energy in a very unusual chase scene out in the wilds of Africa, watch below.

After we have mastered the wind, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. Then, for the second time, man will have discovered fire.   ~   Teilhard de Chardin

Hubble Photo of Spiral Galaxies Connecting

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Take Action: Suggested Activities to Make a Difference

  • In what areas of your life do you feel scarcity? Time, money, relationships, love? Stop and seriously consider your relationship with each of these. Notice the areas where you are not feeling abundant. Explore how you can transform your thoughts and feelings in these areas towards fulfillment and abundance.
  • Though there is an infinite abundance of energy, it is only when we use it wisely that this energy can be tapped fully. Consider where you may be using personal or worldly energy in a wasteful or unproductive manner.
  • Educate your friends to materials in this lesson. Respectfully contact political and media representatives with this information and ask them to take action.
  • What do you believe is the source of your energy? How much energy do you believe lies within you? Consider how you might transform your beliefs about the amount and source of energy both within yourself and out in the world.
  • Notice how much attention and power you give to the physical world. What if everything physical truly is simply a manifestation of energy. Explore the energy behind the people and objects in your life and consider developing greater sensitivity to this aspect of life.

For Those Who Want More - New Energy Information Center

An abundance of resources in the field of new energy developments. See the best videos, articles, summaries, and ideas on what you can do to help bring new, inexpensive forms of energy production and transmission to our world. - Car Mileage Changes

In engineering and materials science, we have gone from basic woods and metals to sophisticated plastics, teflon, fiber optics, and other manmade materials which perform all kinds of functions which would have been considered miraculous 100 years ago. Yet in the energy and transportation sectors, progress has moved at a comparative snail's pace. Fuel efficiency has hardly improved over the last 100 years. Read this essay for possible explanations of what is going on here. - The Race to Zero Point

This free, inspiring two-hour documentary on new energy is the best survey we've seen of new energy technologies which can powerfully transform our world. The award-winning Race to Zero Point provides a thorough, professional examination of the leading theories and practical inventions that tap into zero point energy – now acknowledged by quantum physicists to exist in all space as a potential source of infinite electromagnetic energy. Respected engineers and scientists explain in understandable terms how amazing new energy technologies and inventions can go beyond alternative energy to solve the perceived energy crisis on our planet. - New Energy Websites

Information on and links to several of the best websites which focus on new energy issues and inventions. Meet and learn about hundreds of respected scientists and engineers who are now working to expose the suppression of these technologies and bring powerful new inventions to light. - The World of Free Energy

An information-packed, ten-page summary of the history of new energy developments with lots of links to explore this exciting world of possibilities.

Now that you're energy is revved up, lesson 10 will invite you to explore the places beyond duality and polarization. This is where the rubber meets the road and we can really make a difference.

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